A CRY OF SILENCE: Alessandra Abbot, Gandhigram, India

Dear friends, the newsletter of the Infinite Game “Crumbs and Greaves’ do not go out ‘more’ or at least not in that form.

It is changing and I need more time to design and designing this new communication tool.

In the desire to maintain close contacts with many of you closely following the activities’ of the infinite game, I send you some news today.

Yesterday I launched a cry of SILENCE Diguno by observing a word in front of laborious Gandhigram office of the Association through which work with spinners and weavers in the villages of South India.

A silence to express my disagreement with the hierarchical structure of institutions creates an elephant who devours conscience, common sense, initiative and especially enthusiasm of the workers themselves who are moved from one department to another to free choice of leaders experiencing these decisions together with many other constants and methods of beating rock bureaucratic.

A cry of silence against the institutional system incapable of exploiting the wealth and potential of each individual packing it in a narrow space in which it is alone or separated from everyone: the capitalist mechanism that leads the poor to become more and more ‘rich and poor ument to wealth.

A cry of silence, like the roar of a wounded lion, after the recent and wonderful passage in Italy enhanced by meeting many of you, who believe that another world is possible, enriched by volori of consciousness and the spirit.

A cry of silence drowned in a lake of tears that have sgargate from my soul searching for how to react and felt increasingly uncomfortable in the days before the decision to do so.

I have informed my decision leaders with a long letter . They called me the day before, but not for inhibiting themselves to welcome lovingly acknowledging that this system and ‘loser and inviting me to speak again with the search for new strategies in the coming days. In a sense, to me they gave their consent to this informal event illegal and unauthorized (so ‘defined by the community’).

Yesterday morning I made the call with a plaster over his mouth and a sign with the prayer “Silence – Action forChange.”

With the help of my fellow travelers, brothers in spirit social Dakshinamurthi and Mani, I was able to distribute stunned workers a leaflet written in the local language Tamil and I spent all day under a tree located in the square which is overlooked by many laboratories and the office of a path leading to the central organization.

A hard day, sad, with convoluted and conflicting thoughts, moments of discouragement and leaves feeling that one can not ‘fight against a brand … Dozens of people have asked the reason for this behavior that comes from their schemes of blind obedience to power and nobody had the courage to join me but my brothers and a foreign student.

I was alone, crying my wound pain in the name of the values that lead me to resist and scream once, ten, a hundred times my dissent enhanced by the proximity in the spirit of those who are convinced that we must grow the system to subvert democratic and participatory methods. In

the evening, got home I jumped into bed exhausted, feel obliged to spend a day to sew on a chair in silence and ‘something that, fortunately for me, I had not yet happened.

More’ later, along with Mani eDakshinamurthi we exchanged feelings in a long conversation that has eased the burden of the day. I know that many people, not having the courage to leave the cage coming up to me in front of the prying eyes of many appearances invisible, they went after him expressing their awe to this act of irreverence, courage, dissent expressed.

It seems that this is the first time in 50 years that someone pointed a finger at the internal management, the primary cause of failure of a model.  

We enclosed the text of prayer, that the letter to the leaders and a picture that portrays me in silence. A DAY OF SILENCE AND ACTION


7TH JULY 2005


For Those leaders who Decisions Takes careless


for Those workers who blindly obey


for Those Who work just to get a salary and do not put it in Their Heart


for Those Who Blame Others for Their Own dissatisfaction and do nothing to change


for Those Who wears khadi just out of compulsion


for Those Who Believe That Each One isimportant


for Those Who Believe That They Can Make A Change


for Those Who spin and weave khadi Our dedication and joy with


for Those Who Believe in unity and communion with is the real power of a social transformation


for my joy, for your joy, for Our joy

Why do We make a change …??